• Good News! Transports will stay open!

    Long time employee Brian Lyons will be taking over the store and continuing the legacy of exceptional service and community support that Transports has provided for the past 42 years.
    We will temporarily close May 25 to update the store and re-open June 1.

  • Locally Owned and Independent

    Transports is a locally and female owned business putting the community first,

  • Proudly serving the Bay Area’s
    running and swimming community since 1982

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Trail Run on 6/19 – Our group takes on the Woodmonster course on our race preview run!

Video Pick

Foot Movement Analysis


Look for over-pronation


Look for supination (under-pronation)


Look for uneven weight distribution

For years we have watched our customers walk and run both in and out of shoes to help find the best shoe for your needs. Using our in-store treadmill and video system, we can make a video record of your barefoot gait, or even better, we can record as you run in your current shoes. This video system will improve our analytical skills by allowing frame-by-frame viewing and split-screen side-by-side comparisons showing you in different shoes.

Video motion analysis allows us to be able to see precisely how your foot functions. Plus, you’ll be able to see exactly what we see, and you can easily determine if your foot is “neutral” or if it “overpronates”. You’ll have a real understanding of the difference between a motion control, stability, and neutral shoe.

There is no fee for this service, and no appointment is necessary. Just drop in!

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What our stores offer you

Running and Swimming

Large selection of running shoes, as well as an extensive array of running  and swimming apparel, nutritional products, and accessories.

In Store Trial

We offer the option to try out most of the merchandise in the store before you buy.

Return Policy

Within 30 days of purchase, a refund, an exchange or store credit may be offered for returns based on the condition of the product.

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